Wednesday, December 3, 2014

HANDPRINTED! Our new online store is here!

Hello, we have been really busy around here at MCLscreenworks building, compiling, printing and now shipping tees and posters from our new online store called HANDPRINTED! We are very excited about it because we have been producing our own designs for a long time with really no one place to show them all. Now we can!
 Most of the designs are produced in-house by Sammy Chong and Heather Salazar but we have plans to include more outside artists as we get rolling on this project.
 The one set of tees that are not in-house designs are the HerpTees designs that are all hand drawn by uber-herper Devlin Espeleta.
 Here are a few examples of the tees that you will find at the HANDPRINTED! store.
"The Dee Dee"
"The Lady"

"The Joey"
"The Eyes"