Friday, December 14, 2012

TIP #43-Web spray mount and flashing hoodies first.

TIP #43-Web spray mount and flashing hoodies first.
 When I screen print on hoodies, I found that web type spray mount on my platten is better than mist. I get a much better hold, especially for the 50/50 hoodies, which makes the prints cleaner.
Mist for tees and web spray mount for hoodies.

 Once I load and before hitting the hoodie with the first layer of ink,  I flash it for about 10 seconds or so and let it cool for a few. This pre-flash allows the fibers to shrink in the heat before I put down any ink resulting in better coverage. Both of these tips help keep all subsequent ink hits aligned.

I flash hoodies before hitting with the first layer of ink.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Newest business card...handprinted!

newset up to date version.
Every once in a while i get around to designing and screen printing my new business cards. Along with being able to easily hand out my contact info, they make good examples for potential clients of the multi color poster work i do. And besides, i'm a screen printer,  it's what i do!
original business card circa 2006.
 This newest business card is a re-working of the card i am using now. The way i have always designed flyers and posters is the name of the band, time and place are the most important aspects of the flyer and must be very easy to find and read. Thus I want my name and the name of the company to be the very easy to find and read aspects. I got the Sf-Oakland Bay Bridge in there since its the one we used to move over from S.F. to El Cerrito in the east bay a couple of yrs ago. Also, it's my wife and I's favorite bridge.
  Then, I have used the name Sammy Chong or Sammy Salazar Chong for almost 20 yrs now but the "Chong" in it has run its coarse. (It was in the early 1990's, playing in rock-n-roll bands in Houston, Texas where I acquired the monikor. Long live Rock-n-Roll!) So now its time retire the Chong and this will just about do it.
current outdated version.

 They are gonna be 2 maybe 3 colors. I will do a multi-up of them and then cut. I'm using 230 mesh screens and nazdar 2700 series water-based ink.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello world, we are MCLscreenworks!

Hello. Welcome to the MCLscreenworks official blog. This is the place to come and see whats happnin at the screenworks. Hopefully i can keep up with this and in turn, hopefully you will keep up with this blog as well.
 Thanks and i will post again soon-Sammy Salazar, MCLscreenworks