Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Gits and MCLscreenworks. Handprinted!

The iconic Gits logo.

White plastisol ink on a 156 mesh screen.
 A couple yrs ago a good friend and client called and asked if i wanted to get hooked up with his friend Steve in Oakland who had some tees and hoodies that needed printing. Turns out it was Steve Moriarty, drummer of the early 90's Seattle punk band The Gits and he needed merch done for the mail order business which has helped to keep the spirit of lead singer Mia Zapata (August 25, 1965 – July 7, 1993) and The Gits alive and well for new generations of punk rock kids to discover and be inspired by, aside from being very entertained. (Wow, what a sentence. Whos gonna diagram that one for me?) 
 So, since then, Steve has launched The Gits official website where you can find everything Gits. I've been busy printing batch after batch of the iconic Gits logo on tees, hoodies, patches and vinyl stickers so far! I am using Union Ink Super White on 156 mesh screens and a 65 durometer squeegie for garments. I use 230 mesh with a hard durometer squeegie and Nazdar 2700 series waterbased ink for stickers. With The Gits on the stereo at close to 10 (but closer to 11), printing these are always way gratifying!
 Steve sent over a classic pic, i halftoned it punkrock style, added ZAPATA in old English underneath and we got the back image for the tees and hoodies!
A quick underbase hit, flash, then hit again for a clean result!
 Also, I just designed these merch cards to be included with the orders that have handprinted merch outta MCLscreenworks . The sticker version will also be handprinted.
Handprinted merch cards/stickers.
 All in all, this is a really cool gig and I am really stoked to be able to be part of The Gits Zapatista movement! VIVA ZAPATA!

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